The observatory houses a growing array of equipment including telescopes, a computer controlled german equatorial mount, specialised astronomical ccd cameras for image/data acquisition, solar observing equipment together with dedicated filters used in RGB colour imaging and narrow band band filters used to record light emitted by nebulae at H-alpha, H-beta, Oxygen-III and S-II wavelengths. Click on the menu items on teh left to find out more details of the equipment we currently have. As mentioned on our main page, we have obtained funds to support major upgrades and enhancements to the observatory and its equipment. Through money generously provided by the University of London Perren Fund and by the Queen Mary Annual Fund which disburses donations received from QM Alumni we plan to purchase and install a brand new dome for the observatory from the company Ash Dome based in the U.S.A.


In additiion to the new dome we also plan to purchase a paramount ME-II computer controlled mount. This mount is engineered to very close tolerances and can carry large payloads consisting of several telescopes, ccd cameras and related equipment with ease. Given the ultra high quality engineering of the mount bearings and drive system it will not be necessary to   'autoguide' (ie provide micro corrections to the tracking of the mount during long exposure imaging) in most situations. This will avoid a lot of additonal time and effort associated with autoguiding, allowing users to gather more data and take longer exposures during a nights observing session.