Astrometry of Saturn's satellites

Research Group: 
Astronomy Unit
Number of Students: 
Length of Study in Years: 
Full-time Project: 
QM Scholarship
Project Description: 
The project is designed to improve our knowledge of the orbits of Saturn's satellites by reducing astrometric data obtained from images taken by the Cassini spacecraft. The student would be expected to reduce the Cassini images to extarct the positions of satellites with respect to the background stars as well as fit orbits to the reduced data. This could be used as part of a project to detect and track satellites or ring features with the goal of understanding the dynamical influences on the objects. The student would learn about the role of resonances in determining the dynamical evolution of such objects and would be expected to carry out numerical integrations of gravitationally interacting satellites. There is also scope to participate in a on-going collaboration with the IMCCE group at the Paris Observatory.
SPA Academics: 
Carl Murray