Projects and Grants

The Astronomy Unit holds a number of research grants from the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), the European Commission and other funding sources.

Staff in the Astronomy Unit are involved in a wide range of national and international projects. Some relevant links are given below:

  • VISTA is the world's largest near-infrared survey telescope - Queen Mary led the construction of VISTA with Jim Emerson as Principle Investigator and Will Sutherland as Project Scientist.
  • SEPnet is a consortium of Physics and Astronomy departments in universities across the South-east of England. The Astronomy Unit is an active member of SEPnet-Astro, which has enabled us to be members of LOFAR-UK, the newest radio-telescope in the UK.
  • Ultra-large scale surveys will take place over the coming decades, and scientists at Queen Mary are involved in developing tools for understanding the resultant data. These surveys include