Black branes without translational symmetry

The London Relativity and Cosmology Seminar
Benjamin Withers (QMUL) **Room 610
February 10th, 2016 at 16:30
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Recently there has been a great deal of interest in breaking the translational symmetries of black branes in asymptotically AdS spacetimes. This has been driven by the goal of applying gauge/gravity duality to model features of strongly interacting systems found in condensed matter physics. Here, a lack of translational invarance has a qualitative impact on the conductivities of the material. On the gravity side, these conductivities can be computed by performing a simple, linear response experiment in the black brane spacetime.

I will present some of the ways that we can construct black branes in Einstein-Maxwell-scalar theories which do not possess translational invariance, and sketch the resulting impact on transport properties. I will discuss some analytic approaches, including employing a recent approximation technique of expanding in 1/D, where D is the number of spacetime dimensions.

Part of the Cosmology/Relativity/Strings joint seminar.