Soft limits in holographic cosmology (based on arXiv:1412.1874)

The London Relativity and Cosmology Seminar
Paul McFadden (Imperial)
February 18th, 2015 at 16:30
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The correlation functions of primordial perturbations provide vital clues to the physics of the early universe.  The soft limits of these correlation functions, in which one or more momenta vanish, are especially simple and exhibit nearly model-independent behaviour described by the inflationary consistency relations.  In this talk, we discuss these consistency relations from a holographic perspective, showing how they arise from diffeomorphism invariance in the three-dimensional dual quantum field theory description.  In this fashion, we derive holographically the complete 3-point consistency relations for cosmological curvature perturbations and gravitons to subleading order, as well as new results for the soft limits of stress tensor correlators in quantum field theory.  - G.O. Jones 516