Current grants:
2016-2019, 3-year grant entitled "Instability of magnetized jets in the solar atmosphere" jointly with two Co-Is from Ilia State University, Georgia. The grant is funded by Georgia's Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation under Collaborative Research Project Call (compatriots call) 2016 This funds 3 PhD studentships based in Georgia but actively working with the PI from QMUL, plus research costs for all six grant participants. The proposal was the highest ranking in natural sciences out of the 38 proposals submitted.

Past Grants/Support:
External funding sources:
2012-2015, Leverhulme Trust Research Grant Principal Investigator, "Advanced model of solar radio bursts via plasma kinetic simulation", £ 158,000, (including 3 year PDRA support, £ 25,000 IT/secretarial support, £ 9000 travel support);
2012-2015, STFC consolidated grant, "Particle acceleration by dispersive Alfven waves", 10% Co-I (Tsiklauri) salary (FTE) per annum, and £ 3,000 personal travel grant.
2010-2013, 1 PhD Studentship (3-year funding), SEPNET, £ 61,143; PhD student works on a project "Advanced modelling of electron acceleration radio signatures";
2010-2013, Joint STFC High Performance Computing (HPC) grant for UKMHD consortium, £ 967,667. Co-I's share: access to the consortium HPC facilities + 0.8% FTE salary costs;
2006-2009, 3 year project, Title: "Wave coupling and particle acceleration mechanisms in inhomogeneous plasmas of solar corona", PPARC Standard Research Grant, £ 145,047. 2006-2009, 3 year Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council (PPARC ) PhD Studentship Quota Award for 2006/2007; PPARC 's Education, Training and Careers Committee has agreed that Space and Solar Plasma Physics research group within Salford's Institute for Materials Research gained rating 4 ("Very Good") out of 5, which is (quote) "Significant excellence of research active staff in PPARC areas and good training environment for students", £ 60,000.
2004-2006, 2 year project, Title: "Solar flares and post-flare oscillations in solar coronal loops", Award to Newly Appointed Lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics from The Nuffield Foundation , UK, £ 5,000.

Institutional support:
July 2007, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Environment Deans' Annual Research Prize 2007 -- cheque £ 2000 for research expenses, University of Salford;
July 2006, 1 year project, Title: "Wave coupling and particle acceleration mechanisms in inhomogeneous plasmas of solar corona", Research Investment Fund grant for collboration with Prof. J.I. Sakai (Toyama University, Japan), £ 3500, University of Salford;
June 2006, 1 month project, Title: "Slow magnetosonic waves in solar coronal loops" CAMPUS Professorial Fellowship to host Prof. L. Ofman (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, USA) June 2006, £ 2500, University of Salford;
October 2005, 1 PhD Studentship (3 year funding), Faculty of Science internal funding. University of Salford, £ 59,000;
August 2004, 1 month project, Title: "Alfven Waves in Collisionless Plasmas", CAMPUS Professorial Fellowship to host Prof. J.I. Sakai (Toyama University, Japan) August 2004, £ 2500, University of Salford;