My research is/was supported by:
Leverhulme Trust, STFC and South-East Physics network (SEPnet).

Current Research Interests:
Computational/solar/space plasma physics
(i) The magnetic energy release in solar atmosphere (The Solar coronal heating problem) and (ii) Particle acceleration (e.g. in Solar flares, Earth magnetosphere Auroral zone, Tokamaks and Particle Accelerators as SLAC). The research work mainly involves large-scale numerical simulations (Particle-in-Cell, Vlasov and Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)). Research areas available for PhD study include:
(1) Novel particle accelerator concepts, plasma wake field acceleration;
(2) Enhanced Dissipation of MHD waves in inhomogeneous plasmas;
(3) Collisionless magnetic reconnection;
(4) Particle acceleration by dispersive Alfven waves;
(5) Electron acceleration by Langmuir waves;
(6) Radio emission mechanisms from accelerated electrons;
(7) Radio data analysis of Type III solar radio bursts from the Chilbolton LOFAR Station;
Stimulation of fluid flow in multi-phase porous media by acoustic waves in the context of:
(i) enhanced oil recovery and (ii) groundwater aquifer remediation.
Past Research Interests:
Astrophysics: Astrophysical signatures of the dark objects at centers of galaxies and the Sgr A*, nonbaryonic dark matter, heavy neutrinos, astro-particle physics.